On Top of Africa

October 18, 2009

TOA_DSC02272“How did you come here, where is your guide?” he asks smiling, as we wait for the lift to bring us back down. “Oh, we don’t have no guide, we came here by our own” is her answer. “Ah, I like that very much. It underlines the fact that here in the city it is not that bad as stated in the news.” “Oh, no, it was an adventure for us, coming here with our car. But it is all right.” “So,” he looks at us, “you must be from Germany?” We look back at him, while two tourists from Japan approach. They are accompanied by this man, he is their guide. He points at us. “Look, these guys come from Germany. They arrive at the airport, rent a car and go wherever they want, even to Capetown or Port Elisabeth. Or to Downtown Johannesburg to take a look down the 50th store of Carlton Tower.” The two Japanese gaze at us.



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