October 23, 2009


“We nearly made it into,” Paul says. His eyes glancing. “We nearly made it. We were driving through the suburbs, just for fun, Ponte coming into our mind. Even it was nighttime, we found the entrance to the parking lot. The guard there advised us not to drive into the lot, the car wouldn’t be safe there. So we asked whether it was safe to park outside the lot. ‘Not safe’, he replied, ‘but safer’. Finally he proposed to have an eye on our car, parking directly in front of his guards box. And on we went to the front door. Half past eleven. Another guard. ‘Just for five minutes’, we asked ‘just having a look, just once taking the lift.’ He looked at us, five brave, strong, white guys. He thought, whatever has to be thought in such a moment. ‘No’ was his answer. It was a kind of ‘no’ I never heard before.” Paul looks into our eyes, not a wink, just straight into our eyes. “I strongly believe he saved our lives.”


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