Dunkle Nacht – Dark night

December 25, 2009

english‘Hallo, how are you? I need to buy a candle. Like the one you have on your desk.’
‘No electricity’
‘I know, that’s why I need the candle, to have light.’
‘No power here, cannot sell. It is dark.’
‘Yes, it is dark. I come here to buy a candle, to make the candle light my flat, you know.’
‘Ah, here no power. Cannot sell. Cashier down.’
‘I can pay cash, you can take the money, give me the candle and when the electricity comes back put the money into the cashier.’
‘Here no electricity, no light.’
‘Yes. No light. I need candle.’
‘No no, good-bye!’
‘Sharp sharp.’

deutsch‘Wir haben hier keinen Strom!’
‘Genau, deshalb bin ich hier, ich moechte eine Kerze kaufen. So eine wie Sie sie auf der Kasse stehn haben.’


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