Fahrradmensch – bus driver

March 20, 2011


deutschDer Busfahrer glotzt mich nur hilflos an als ich meine Schimpftirade ablasse. Sicher hat er garnicht mitbekommen dass ich seinem Mordsgefaehrt gerade nur mit hoechster Not ausweichen konnte. Seit Jahr und Tag prescht er durch diese Strasse, aber ein aufsaessiger Fahrradfahrer, so etwas ist ihm wie es scheint noch niemals untergekommen.

english“Just get off the road if you do not know how to drive” I shout at the bus driver. “Can you see me? Now you see me!” As the bus stopped to drop of some passengers I overtook and parked my bicycle right in front of his wind screen. The bus driver tried to set off but I would not move. “You want to kill me? Go ahead!” I won’t calm down. This bus nearly overran me. When bumping down this small street the driver must have filtered out my presence. Hence he should always remember that people on bicycles are not to be ignored.
But to be honest, when I look at the bus driver’s blank face, I guess he is nothing but helplessly clueless about me. I must be the most exotic piece of traffic he ever ran across: a white man on a bicycle shouting at him – for no comprehendible reason.


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